Friday, May 1, 2015

Assembly Line Simulation

We have been talking about the Industrial Age in Indiana this week during our social studies classes.  We learned about all of the great industry that was booming during this time period.  To add a little extra fun (and friendly competition) to the material, I created an assembly line simulation for the kids.  We made "hamburgers" in our factory.  Each company had to decide upon a name and assign each worker a role.  There were roles for plates, bottom bun, mustard, patty, ketchup, lettuce, and top bun.  The kids timed me to determine how long it would take for one person to do all the jobs.  We used this number to compare their times to make enough for the entire class using the assembly line method.  Needless to say, they save a lot of time by using an assembly line.  They learned about the pros and cons of this method and had a lot of fun doing so!  The end product was delicious too!
Burger Bash workers are hard at work assembling their hamburgers.

With a time of 1:08, Burger Bash assembled 7 hamburgers.  It took Mrs. H 30 seconds just to make one by herself!

The Quarter Pounder company is ready to assemble.

QP hard at work!  They ended up assembling 7 burgers in 1:09!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

St. Meinrad Field Trip

We had a beautiful day to travel to a beautiful place.  Our day trip to Monte Cassino and St. Meinrad was awesome!  Fr. Anthony did a great job of teaching us about the history of St. Meinrad and giving a very informative tour of the grounds. 
We started the day at Monte Cassino.  We learned a little bit about the history and took a few moments for every one to share a personal prayer intention.

We then ventured outdoors for a quick scavenger hunt.

We love spending time with our mass buddies!
Our bus driver is better than yours!
We celebrated mass in the chapel with Fr. Anthony.  Jake, Martin, and Andrew did an awesome job serving!

Picnic lunch! 

More lunch fun.
Group shot in front of church

Close up!

St. Meinrad

Check out that organ!
Drew was pretty comfy in this chair!
Jake found a special headstone at the cemetery.
I highly recommend touring the grounds if you haven't before.  They offer guided tours as well as audio tours.  Go check out beautiful St. Meinrad!  We are so glad we did!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bird Beaks Homework

To complete tonight's science homework, you need to visit this website:

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Happy National Pink Shirt Day!  We are proud to join the effort to combat bullying in our schools.  The Jungle Crew is a sea of pink today!

All HFS students who are wearing pink today!
In other news, it was our turn to sing at mass today.  This group never disappoints!

Grace nailed her solo!

Friday, January 30, 2015

CSW: That's a Wrap!

We ended Catholic Schools Week with a CRAZY blue/white spirit day.  It is a special day for us.  This will be our last Catholic Schools Week as Holy Family Owls.  Next year, we will be celebrating in purple/yellow as Holy Trinity Saints. 

Amia and Drew enjoying our BLUE snack this morning.
We were super pumped for the pep assembly this afternoon!  We landed a 2nd place finish in the Penny Blitz for Haiti!  Nice job, Jungle Crew!  As a school, we raised over $1800 to send to our sister parish in Dupiti.  Our generous donations allow for those children to buy clothes/shoes and get an education.  What a wonderful gift.
2nd Place!

 Showing our school spirit.  Loud and proud!
Ended the pep assembly with "Awesome God"
4th grade rocks!


Thursday, January 29, 2015

CSW Thursday Recap

Today's theme was Team Day.  Even after last night's loss, I was happy to see many Hoosier fans sporting their cream and crimson!  Our day started with Penny Blitz.  We were heavily targeted, but I am still confident we may come out on top.  We will find out at tomorrow's pep assembly.  Fingers crossed!
 We had a "ball" for our team treat this morning!

Sportin' It Up in the Jungle today!
To go along with the team theme, we had a team challenge in the classroom today.  The challenge was to work together to build a pyramid of Solo cups using only string and a rubber band. When they were finished, each team had to work together to make a list of 4 key points they learned about how to work successfully in groups.  It was a fun activity and great learning experience.


The Winners!

Results of the Team Cup Challenge:
1st Place: 2 min 56 seconds (Rachel, Grace, Caleb, Amia)
2nd Place: 6 min 59 seconds (Jake, Xavior, Selena, AJ)
3rd Place: 13 min 31 seconds (Drew, Autumn, Braelyn)
4th Place: 15 min 45 seconds (Emma, Riley, Sophie, Xavier)
We also finished our service project for the Hoot.  As you're placing your bids this weekend, know that the pens were tied to the clipboards with love by the Jungle Crew!

Hard at work tying pens to clipboards

Below is a pic from last night's skate party.  Fourth grade definitely represented!